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How to choose the bed frame?

A complete bed is mainly divided into two parts: the mattress and the bed frame. Because mattresses are in direct contact with the human body for a long time, they are the focus of consumers when buying beds. In contrast, bed frames are not so much valued. But a good bed frame can make the mattress work better. Proper selection of the bed frame can ensure air circulation on all sides of the mattress and prolong the life of the mattress. A suitable bed frame can support the entire mattress without causing collapse.

The bed frame can be divided into wooden bed frame, metal bed frame and soft pack bed frame according to the material used.

Wooden bed frames are currently the most common bed frame on the market. The wooden bed frame is more environmentally friendly among the three bed frames, has a natural affinity, and is suitable for various decoration styles. When choosing a wooden bed frame, pay attention to whether the bed frame has cracks, scars, bug eyes, mildew and other problems. When buying, check the details of the bed to ensure that no defective bed is purchased.

Metal bed frames are mostly made of copper and wrought iron, which are flexible in shape, durable and easy to disassemble. When buying a metal bed frame, you need to consider the overall stability of the bed frame, because the metal is hard and has poor comfort and is prone to abnormal noise.

The materials used for the upholstered bed frame are fabric and leather, with high comfort and a variety of choices. There are many styles of upholstered bed frames, which are easy to pick up. It is necessary to focus on its material and workmanship.

When buying a bed frame, in addition to paying attention to the material and various details of the bed frame, you also need to consider the bedroom area, mattress size, mattress height, and bedroom decoration style.

1. Look at the bedroom area

The point is that in addition to the size of the mattress, you need to know the size of your bedroom, and reasonably plan the room to place other furniture besides the open bed, and how much free space you can move.

2. Look at the size of the mattress

If you want to buy a bed frame, you must know the size of your own mattress. If it is a single bed or a double bed, if you don't know the detailed size, you must still accurately measure your mattress size.

3. Look at the height of the mattress

If you want to find a bed frame that suits you, small details such as the height of the mattress must also be taken into consideration. If you buy a mattress that is too high, some bed frames are inappropriate, and the appearance will not match up specifically.

4. Set off the bedroom style

The bed frame you choose should also conform to the decoration style of your bedroom and the style of other bedroom furniture. What is the mix and match style or the modern style? Match your bed frame according to the bedroom decoration style.

Everyone knows that mattresses must be used with the bed frame, because the mattress itself has a thickness and the bed frame has a certain height, so the total height of the two is a problem. Many people don’t know what this height is how much is more reasonable.

Regarding this issue, let's analyze it. Generally, the thickness of a normal mattress is about 20-30cm, the average thickness is about 27cm, and the height of a general bed frame is between 18-25cm. The overall height of the mattress bed frame is generally considered to be more appropriate at about 45cm; another measurement method is to calculate the height of the user, which is generally equal to the height of the knee or 1-2cm higher, this overall height is more reasonable!

The healthy height of the bed can also be measured by the height of the mattress surface from the ground. The standard is 46-50 cm. This is because the healthy height of the seat is 40 cm. When sitting on the bed, the height of the 46 cm mattress above the ground is just about 40 cm.

Too high or too low will only bring inconvenience to getting in and out of bed, too high will cause inconvenience in getting on and off, too low will be susceptible to ground moisture, easy to inhale ground dust during sleep, and increase the working pressure of the lungs.

I hope the above content can help you to choose a bed frame. Our company provides a complete range of bed frames and good quality. If you are interested, you can contact us!