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Why is the electric bed bound to become the largest smart home appliance?

The object that will accompany us for the longest time in our life is the bed. Many people think that “isn’t the bed just a support for sleeping? It’s enough to sleep comfortably”, but it’s not the case.

There are still two major unmet needs in the sleep field, one is sleep safety, and the other is sleep efficiency. A large number of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease are caused by chronic hypoxia caused by snoring and apnea during sleep. Insufficient sleep troubles more people, and students and professionals generally do not get enough sleep. On the surface, lack of sleep is not enough time, but in fact, it is more caused by inefficient sleep. The efficiency of deep sleep is 8 times that of light sleep. If sleep efficiency is improved, the problem of insufficient sleep will be solved. The American Sleep Association believes that by improving sleep efficiency, humans can sleep for only 5 hours before 2050 to achieve the current effect of sleeping for 8 hours. Is this small goal worthy of everyone's expectations?

Sleep technology has reached a critical period of transition from comfortable sleep to efficient sleep. The rapid development of sensors, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has already transformed the attributes of bedding from traditional furniture to household appliances, and smart electric beds are an ideal carrier for efficient sleep. The core of intelligent sleep lies in sleep monitoring and sleep intervention. The electric bed not only has these two functions, but also can bring new experiences that were not available in the past, such as posture adjustment, airbag massage, thermal moxibustion, soft and hard adjustable, self-adjustable adapt to various body types and sleeping positions, linkage with air conditioners and other electrical appliances, real-time remote monitoring and abnormal alarms, etc.

It can be seen from the following aspects that the electric bed is bound to become the largest smart home appliance:

1. The volume and weight of the electric bed are larger than those commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and TVs, so it will undoubtedly become the largest household appliance.

2. The electric bed will become the most integrated smart home appliance. Modern sensing technology and control technology provide unlimited development space for the realization of mechanization, automation and intelligence of electric beds. On the basis of traditional comfortable sleep, a comprehensive use of multiple sensing technologies to collect human body data, and then use light, fragrance, temperature control, sound therapy, pneumatic or vibration massage, automatic adjustment of softness and hardness according to these dynamic data to create the most suitable micro-ecological environment for sleep enables people to enjoy the body and mind while continuously improving the quality of sleep.

3. Smart electric beds will become the most valuable household appliances. With the upgrading of consumption, electric beds have begun to enter households. The market penetration rate in developed countries has exceeded 40%. Under the background that the price of home appliances has been decreasing year by year, electric beds, especially smart electric beds with increasingly higher integration, are expected to become valuable and the most expensive household appliances.

4. The electric bed will become the collection center of human body data and the control center of smart home. The physiological data of the human body in the sleep state is the least interfered by the external environment and psychological factors, and can reflect the health of the human body most closely. One third of a person's life is spent in bed. During the 8 hours of sleep a day, with the help of a variety of contact or non-contact sensors such as the built-in bio-radar in the electric bed, a large number of human bodies can be continuously collected data. Through the analysis of this information, not only the health of the human body can be assessed, and abnormal warnings can be made, but also the quality of sleep can be improved by guiding the optimal control of the sleep environment.

The intelligent electric bed industry chain is rapidly integrating. As people's perceptions of the attributes of the electric bed industry have changed, home appliance giants and IoT giants have also stepped in, and the integration of the industry chain has accelerated significantly. As the electric bed industry involves furniture, home appliances, home furnishings, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, information services, health and other fields, the industrial chain is very long, and it is difficult for any company to complete it independently. The cooperation between upstream and downstream division of labor will become an inevitable trend. . Once the integration of the industrial chain is completed, the large-scale production and service of smart electric beds will greatly reduce manufacturing costs and operating costs, and the speed of smart electric beds entering ordinary households will also be greatly accelerated.