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A good mattress: let you have the most practical sleeping experience

Many times, low back pain is caught off guard. When you wake up from bed, after working for a long time, the moment you move things... low back pain always comes just as you say it, which makes people painful. I believe many people have heard the saying: "It’s good to sleep on a hard mattress."

You have a bad waist, don't sleep on a soft bed

The normal spine of the human body has three physiological curvatures, and a bed that is too soft lacks sufficient support to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the spine.

When the body "nests" in a soft bed, the middle part of the spine will sink. At this time, the human trunk will form an arc, resulting in excessive load on the ligaments and intervertebral discs around the spine. For a long time, it is easy to cause discomfort such as low back pain. Therefore, people with lumbar disc herniation and scoliosis should not sleep in a soft bed.

In addition, for pregnant women and other people with poor pelvic stability and loose muscles and ligaments, sleeping on a soft bed for a long time may also damage the pelvis, so a harder mattress is more suitable for their physical condition.

Student and office workers: neck protection is very important

Adolescents are in the stage of physical development, and their bodies are highly plastic. Especially during this period, they should pay attention to the protection of the cervical spine. Most parents choose soft mattresses in order to give their children with heavy schoolwork a spiritual comfort, so that their children can sleep comfortably and at ease. As everyone knows, a soft mattress is not necessarily beneficial to a child's body.

As for working people, most of the time during work and rest is facing the computer and mobile phone. Sore neck is a problem that almost everyone has.

In addition to changing the habit of bowing your head for a long time, strengthening shoulder and neck exercises can relieve discomfort. In addition, when you go to bed at night, choosing a hard mattress is the key to relax and recover your neck and shoulders during sleep.

The elderly: don't be too soft

Short sleep time and low quality are the confusion of many elderly people. In addition, the elderly are prone to suffer from osteoporosis, lumbar muscle strain, waist and leg pain and other problems, so they are not suitable for sleeping in soft beds. Generally speaking, it is better for elderly people with heart disease to sleep on hard cots.

The bed suitable for the elderly should keep the lumbar spine normal physiological lordosis when the human body is in the supine position, and the lumbar spine does not curve laterally, so as long as it is a mattress with a certain hardness, it is enough.

Hard mattress: helps spinal development

Generally speaking, a hard mattress can better adapt to the body curve, reduce the degree of spinal distortion, and relieve low back pain, stiffness and other discomforts.

Some friends may think that sleeping with a hard mattress feels like lying directly on the bed board. This is actually a wrong cognition. The actual situation is not the case. Sleeping with a hard mattress is not equal to the bed board, but is conducive to health.

Different people have different choices and requirements for mattresses. Choosing a mattress that suits you can ensure high-quality sleep. The feeling of sleep brought by soft mattresses and hard mattresses are quite different, and hard mattresses help our spine development.