eccentric butterfly valve supplier

Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Media: Water/Oil
Driving Mode: Gear/Pneumatic/Actuator
Connection Form: Flange
Structure: Centre Sealing
Product Name eccentric butterfly valve supplier
Standard API609,Mss Sp-67,DIN3202,BS En558-1
Valve Body Casting
Working Temperature Normal Temperature (-40°C<T<120°C)
Transport Package Playwood Case
Specification DN100-DN3000/2″-36″
Disc Di/CF8/CF8m
Material of Seal Surface Metal Hard Sealed
Production Capacity 5000/Mouth
Application Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

An eccentric butterfly valve functions in a similar way to a standard butterfly valve, but with one key difference: the disc (butterfly) is offset from the center of the valve body.

A standard butterfly valve has a disc that rotates about an axis in the center of the valve body. This opens and closes the valve in a symmetrical manner.

In an eccentric butterfly valve, the disc rotates about an axis that is offset from the center of the valve body. This makes the opening and closing motion asymmetrical.

The eccentric butterfly valve manufacturer primary purpose of this eccentric design is to achieve full closure of viscous or sticky fluids that tend to hang up in the valve seat area. Since the disc does not center perfectly over the seat when fully closed, it helps squeeze out any trapped material.

eccentric butterfly valve supplier

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