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General knowledge of the purchase of seals

  1 density ranging from 1.1 to 2.8, curing time of 50 degrees / 4 hours or 110 degrees / 30 minutes or 110 degrees / 50 minutes.

  2 with moderate thixotropy, draped on the circuit board can be covered and wrapped electronic components, the glue can step on its own, but does not flow, baking curing process also does not flow, maintaining the original shape.

  3 curing material black or amber bright, strong adhesion to circuit boards and electronic components, and can withstand 200-300 ℃ high temperature and strong acid and alkali corrosion and resistance to a variety of solvent erosion;.

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  4 higher bonding strength, better heat resistance, excellent solvent resistance, adhesion can reach device destruction, temperature resistance can also reach device destruction, cured material is not eroded by professional solvents, can make the circuit and electronic components to get favorable protection, to prevent the device internal technology leakage;.

  5 This product is suitable for electronic devices confidential potting, curing has a very strong solvent resistance, can withstand long-term immersion in organic solvents; has a very high heat deflection temperature, can resist high temperature damage; at the same time has good hardness and wear resistance, can resist the general edge tool etching damage.

  6 The use of this product potting electronic circuits, with excellent anti-decryption.

  7The product is easy to use, long storage period, high adhesive strength, fast curing speed, low shrinkage rate, non-toxic and harmless, etc.

  8 Room temperature storage 70 days, refrigerator storage more than half a year.

  Two epoxy modified two-component products

  Is a two-component heat-curing potting material, it becomes a dense solid structure after curing, with high hardness, good heat resistance, extremely difficult to disassemble, can play a protective, waterproof, confidential role.

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  1 Product features.

  1)Good adhesive strength and stable performance.

  (2) low viscosity, good fluidity, no bubbles, good toughness.

  (3) good process, room temperature curing or heating curing, and fast curing speed, easy to operate.

  2 use method: the product is divided into A, B two components, ratio A: B is 100: 40, the use of A, B two components need to be accurately weighed, fully mixed into a homogeneous mixture, after infusion according to the curing conditions.

  3 curing conditions: 120 degrees / 2 hours or 80 degrees / 4-5 hours

  4Cured performance.

  1) Hardness: >80

  2)Volume resistance: 2.6×1015Ω-cm

  3)Surface resistance: 3.7×1013Ω

  4) Breakdown voltage: 25kv/mm

  5)Dielectric constant: 3.5@1KHz

  6)Dielectric loss: 0.02

  7) Impact strength: >9.5kg/cm

  8) Bending strength: >900kg/cm

  5 Transportation, storage.

  1) Both components A and B should be stored in a dry and cool place under seal.

  2)The storage period is one year.

  (3) This product is not a dangerous product, and can be stored and transported as general chemicals.