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The breathability of the mattress is very important to you!

I believe that many people suffer from acne on their face, skin allergy, and skin color becoming darker and yellow. They have tried many ways but still can't get better. In fact, this is probably caused by the airtightness of the mattress. Why do you say that? Look at the following and you will understand!

Studies have shown that there are more than three million fine pores and sweat holes on the surface of human skin, which continuously secrete sweat, excrete sebum, and metabolize wastes and toxins in the body. If the mattress is not breathable, it will not only affect the metabolism of the skin, but also affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, the mattress must have good air permeability.

1. The mattress is ventilated to expel water vapor from the body

The ventilation of the mattress can help the human body expel water vapor and improve the quality of sleep. When we sleep, one-third of the body surface will touch the mattress, which means that about 200 ml of water needs to be emitted through the mattress. If the mattress is not breathable, it will feel damp during sleep, which will inevitably be very uncomfortable and affect the quality of sleep.

2. The mattress is breathable to help wick away sweat

The breathable mattress can effectively prevent rough skin, allergies, and even diseases. When the human body is at a temperature of 33-37 degrees Celsius, the skin will continuously dissipate heat through sweat. During sleep, the human skin's breathing and detoxification effects are still going on. Many body fluids flow to the surface of the skin through the pores. If the mattress is not breathable, the body surface temperature cannot be smoothly adjusted, and "body waste" such as inorganic salts and urea will accumulate. On the surface of the mattress, the skin is prone to become rough and sensitive to allergies, which can cause skin diseases, and in the long run it will also affect the human endocrine function.

3. The mattress is breathable, moisture-proof and anti-mites

The mattress is breathable to prevent moisture and mites. Hot and humid, airtight mattresses are a paradise for mites and bacteria to survive and multiply! If the mattress is not breathable, mites will multiply and multiply inside the mattress, absorb nutrients from the skin, stimulate capillaries and cell tissues, and cause allergies, respiratory diseases and skin diseases, and endanger health.

The fabric of Yaxuan mattress is close to the skin, has good air permeability, has the characteristics of moisture absorption and perspiration, constant temperature ventilation, environmental protection, etc., so that everyone can buy at ease, use comfortably, and sleep comfortably!