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Seven features of membrane switch intelligent circuit breaker

Seven features of membrane switch intelligent circuit breaker, as follows.

    (1) Friendly human-machine interface. Membrane switch intelligent circuit breaker has a touchable human-machine interface on the panel, which can be paged to browse the detailed operating parameters of the circuit breaker.

    (2) Online detection of mechanical characteristics, special displacement sensors and proprietary signal processing units are installed in the mechanism, and the display on the circuit breaker panel can show the displacement waveform of the split and closed after each split and closed, the speed of the split and closed. The display on the panel of the circuit breaker can display the mechanical parameters such as the breaking and closing time, overtravel, open distance, and non-simultaneous.

Membrane Keypad

    (3) The current waveform detection of dividing and closing, energy storage motor. The use of high-precision dial sensor on the locking electromagnet, energy storage motor current measurement basin, and can display the current waveform.

    (4) Circuit breaker state detection, diagnosis and maintenance guidelines and other expert systems. According to the detected mechanical waveform of the breaker, the current waveform of the breaker solenoid and energy storage motor, and the online N-degree situation, the state of the breaker is diagnosed. Whether the circuit breaker is normal in all aspects, and to report and analyze the abnormal situation.

    (5) with communication and data storage functions. Intelligent circuit breaker using a standard fieldbus communication interface. Support a variety of standard communication protocols, monitoring data, curves and diagnostic conclusions can be displayed on the integrated monitoring device, and through the data transfer to the background. With powerful data storage function, it can store the mechanical characteristics and each current waveform of each operation of the circuit breaker, which is easy to call and check.

    (6) Electric access control. Electric chassis car can be realistic remote access control of the circuit breaker, with manual priority function and access to soft start and soft stop, with blocking protection, manual and electric free switching.

    (7) intelligent circuit breaker its has electromagnetic compatibility function and meet the requirements of mechanical characteristics and A-liter, high reliability and safety.