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Function classification of electric bed

1. Head and tail lifting function: Compared with medical care use, the lifting function is more perfect and diversified. According to ergonomics, five body segmented joint points (that is, the bending points of the human body) are set up on the bed frame. Through remote control, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bending angle of various parts of the human body and freely adjust the body posture. Reduce neck pressure, sit upright, lie back or just raise your feet to promote blood circulation.

2. Dual-zone intelligent vibration massage: sub-zone massage, giving different massage experiences to the corresponding parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort. Back massage and leg massage give corresponding massage experience to different parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort; uniform stress points and scientific vibration amplitude can help users quickly eliminate body fatigue and sleep faster .

3. USB charging, bluetooth speaker, LED heart warming lamp: The bed is designed with dual USB ports, which is convenient for charging mobile phones and tablets. The mobile phone is connected to the bed with built-in Bluetooth, you can play songs, videos and any audio on the mobile phone, and feel the three-dimensional dynamic sound effect. The bottom of the bed is equipped with LED lights, the light is gentle, and the remote control is intelligently controlled, convenient and intelligent.

4. Split design: The double bed split design can meet the different needs of two people. It has independent control system and does not interfere with each other. At the same time, the split bed can also be used as a whole bed, and the split control can be performed when needed. 1. Lifting function

1. Synchronous lifting of the head and foot of the bed:

1.1 The height of the bed can be adjusted arbitrarily within the space of 1-20cm according to the height of the medical staff and clinical needs;

1.2 Increase the space between the ground and the bottom of the bed to facilitate the insertion of the base of small X-ray machines, clinical examination and treatment instruments;

1.3 It is convenient for maintenance personnel to inspect and maintain the product;

1.4 It is convenient for nursing staff to deal with dirt.

2. After ascending and descending (that is, the head of the bed ascends and the end of the bed descends), it can be tilted arbitrarily within the range of 0°-11°, which is convenient for clinical examination, treatment and nursing of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and related critically ill patients.

3. Ascend before and descend (that is, the end of the bed rises and the head of the bed falls)

4. It can be tilted arbitrarily within the range of 0°-11°, which is convenient for the examination, treatment and care of postoperative patients and related critically ill patients (such as sputum suction, gastric lavage, etc.).

2. Sit up and lie down function

In addition to lying flat, the backboard of the bed can be raised and lowered within the range of 0°-80°, and the leg plate can be raised and lowered within the range of 0°-50°. Patients can choose a suitable angle of sitting on the bed to meet the needs of eating, taking medicine, drinking water, washing feet, reading and newspaper, watching TV and moderate physical exercise.

Three, turn left and right function

The three-point arc turning design allows the patient to turn left and right within the range of 0°-60° to prevent the formation of bedsores. There are two types of turning over regularly and turning over whenever needed.

Four, hands-free function

4.1 Built-in toilet, movable toilet cover, movable baffle at the front of the toilet, cold and hot water storage tank, cold water heating device, cold and hot water conveying device, built-in hot air blower, external hot air blower, cold and hot water The gun and other parts form a complete relief system.

4.2 Semi-disabled patients (hemiplegia, paraplegia, frail patients, and patients waiting to recover after surgery) can complete a series of actions such as hand relief, flushing, hot air washing, and hot air drying with the help of nursing staff; it can also be performed by the patient with one hand and one button It can automatically complete all the procedures of hand relief; in addition, specially designed urine and urine monitoring and alarm functions, the nursing bed can automatically monitor and process the relief of patients with total disability and unconsciousness, which completely solves the problem of urine and urine on the patient's bed.

5. Auxiliary function of washing hair and feet

Due to long-term bed rest, muscles and blood vessels are squeezed, the blood flow of the lower limbs of disabled and semi-disabled patients is often slow. Frequent foot washing can effectively lengthen the blood vessels of the lower limbs and speed up blood circulation, which is very helpful to restore health. Regular shampooing can relieve the itching and invigorate the blood, keep the patients clean, keep them in a happy mood, and enhance their confidence in fighting the disease. Specific operation process: After sitting up, insert the special foot washing stand on the footrest, pour humid hot water into the basin, and then wash the patient's feet every day; remove the pillow and the mattress under the head, and put on the special For the washbasin, the water diversion pipe at the bottom of the basin passes through the molding hole on the back plate and puts it into the sewage bucket. Turn on the movable hot water sprinkler stuck on the bed head (the sprinkler hose is connected to the water pump outlet in the hot water tank, and the water pump plug Connected to the three-hole insurance socket), the operation is very simple and convenient, and a nurse can independently wash the patient's hair.